May 20, 2008

>Our lady of the forests church / Iglesia de nuestra señora de los bosques

This pictures were taken in Aguascalientes, a clean and organized small city in the center-north of Mexico. I was driving to or from the school of some cousins when I went past it. I had to stop and go see it. Look at the sobriety plain concrete expresses, and the difference with other times' churches, like the Gothic. It also reminds me of the sobriety of Romanesque churches. The past returns to the future, fashion repeats itself. I love it that if not by the cross or religious symbols, you could know not that it is a church. From some angles, you have no idea what it is. It could be a structure from ancient Egypt, a II WW cannon fort, a building from the distant future, or from another world. 9/03 AGS INSDLB serie. L R

May 14, 2008

>Photographic painting / Pintura fotografica

It is amazing to see how there is unlimited potential in every thing in life. Photography is no exception. You can stay for days picturing a place and there will be no similar pictures. The light changes, the angles change, the film-settings change, the objects-subjects in it change...your perception changes. And another variable is now digital effects. Wonderful. Another world. I admire though the photographers that have never used any effects. But who can say something is totally pure? What photographers do now with computers, the analog photographers did in the lab. This picture is of Epson company in Mexico City, and the same place in another world. 06/07 PS serie. H R , D E

May 11, 2008

>Reality / Realidad ( Past/ Pasado)

What is real? Which is reality? How many realities are there? What is the difference between absolute reality and relative reality? Are you real? Are your thoughts real? Isn't dreaming the reality, and wake state a dream? Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. What is reality in the picture, and what is a reflection? I love it when things in or outside us create an effect, an illusion, a perception different than normal, that makes us wonder what is tear our mental veils. And in photography, timing is everything! By shooting just when she looks behind her, the girl in the picture adds another element to it: to see what it is that I am picturing, is it her? Is she looking at her past?, or trying to see that which escapes the eye, what is there besides the obvious, checking out what is real, checking out her reality? 09/05 Venezia serie. L R

May 9, 2008

>My Office / Mi oficina

I don't remember when i took this picture. It doesn't matter. I was up in the sky, the air, the Troposphere, somewhere around 35,000 feet high. My office. A place never the same, a place that never ceases to amaze me. I can never get enough of watching through the window. So beautiful, so infinite, so soothing, when its calm, and so powerful and dangerous when it isn't.
A place so far from life supporting conditions. At this altitude, there is oxygen and air pressure enough for just a minute or less of conscience; the temperature is around -45oC. The beauty and unhospitality of nature. Photography lets you dwell in these contradictions.
There is a high layer of altostratus clouds; in between the two layers we see two protuberances of cumulus, maybe cumulonimbus (storm clouds); the lower layer that covers the surface like a cotton field, are stratocumulus. (???) Cloud series. L R

May 6, 2008

>Le Village Saint Paul

This was taken in the old cartier of Paris, Le Marais, the 4th arrondisement, where I used to live. Part of it is called Le Village Saint Paul, close to the Saint Paul et Saint Louis church, the Hotel de Sens, and the Bastille. I would go out in the evening and walk to the Louvre, see its illuminated inner square with its fountain, or even to the Place de la Concorde and come back by midnight. The first picture, the original, is composed of three scanned photos of two different streets, put together, with a few modifications, to make it less easy to see. The others, part of a larger serie, are the same picture with digital effects. When you enter this area, the streets call you, enchant you, pull you in a dream to follow their meandering paths and get surrounded by their talelike constructions! I love places that make you dream, where you feel like you are in another place, out of this world, or in both at the same time. 07/00 Paris B & W serie. M R, D E