July 4, 2009

Iron Fish / Peces de Hierro

This is the photo with which I recently won the National Photography Contest 2009 "Towards the Centennial of the Mexican Aviation". The title is "Metal Shark", and is from a serie I took of the P-47 Thunderbolt combat airplane of the II WW, which the mexican squadron 201 flew to fight against the Japaneese in the Filipines, towards the end of the war. It remains altive, on a pedestal in Santa Lucia AFB, Mexico. I went there to take pictures of it for an article that didn't come out. After the P-51 Mustang, it is probably the best american combat aircraft of the war.

A few others from the serie. The last one is titled "To the ground!", as if the plane is just flying over you. 10/08, P-47 serie H R