August 13, 2008


I took home with me a small glass bottle of Coca Cola because I liked it. I saw that the light was interestingly disseminated on the inside and started playing with it. Among other things, it occurred to me to put images of Buddhas at the bottom, and then photographed them from the top. The Buddha's energy, their illuminated power fields manifested. These are some of the pictures. 03/08 Buddhas & Boddhisatvas serie. L R

August 11, 2008

>Buddhas in the sky / Budas en el cielo

I love the sky. Ever changing. I like it when the sun is behind the clouds and beams of light glow in all directions. When I saw the first photo, with all the light shinning from the cloud, and its round pattern, I thought: Wow, looks like a Buddha could be appearing there. And then I thought: Why not? So I took the previous pictures from the CC bottle series, and added them to it. 07/08 Buddhas in the sky serie. H R, D E

August 5, 2008

*My element / Mi elemento

Yo nací de cabeza.
¿Por qué tengo que pasar la vida adherido al suelo?
Mi naturaleza volante agita las alas y no me elevo.
Arriba estaba. No lo recuerdo, lo siento.
Un día caí y quedé pegado al suelo.
El aire me envuelve, alienta,
susurra mejores momentos,
me conquista.
Cuando me acuesto y miro al cielo
sé que es mi elemento.
No vuelo, no caigo.
El cielo no es arriba, es abajo: un precipicio.
Estoy fijo a un techo que me detiene, succiona,
me esclaviza.
Miro el espacio; los edificios, árboles
como raíces aéreas no yacen: cuelgan,
las nubes ligeras, el infinito
con gravedad, como imanes, me atraen

y quiero lanzarme, dejarme caer como un águila,
¡saltar a la libertad!
"Mi elemento", PR 11/05

The sky is my element. I was born upside down. Up there I was. I don't remember, I feel it. One day I fell here. The ground is a prison that holds me. The sky is not up, it's down; the clouds, the infinite pulls me. I look at the space; the buildings, the trees, like aerial roots they don't lie: they hang. I want to let go. 04/07 Ags & others serie. L R