June 22, 2008

>Wet dream / Sueño humedo

Photography often reflects our state of being, the way we feel. The photographs can be full with brightness or dark like a deep forest, black or white, or black and white. Sometimes it looks like the camera also has states of mind. When you don't worry to control everything, and leave it at random, one picture comes out in a light, and the next comes out different. What was my camera thinking? The way we choose to see the world is the way our camera pictures it... Which is the real color? We live in a common space but in different universes and they are all real. 07/03 Alberca serie. L R

June 10, 2008

>Non solid surreal window out of the Matrix/ Ventana no solida y surreal hacia fuera de la Matrix

How many times do we look through a window, and we see our reflection, the window has become a mirror. How many times a painting becomes a window, and we feel like we are sneaking into someone's room, a vast nature landscape, or into another place & time. How many times a mirror becomes a painting, a window to the outside, or into ourselves. It folds reality. Through windows reality becomes multifaceted. What do we see when we look into a mirror? It's just a reflection, an idea of the images in our mind, or our thoughts becoming the image of ourselves. We are not solid, nothing is solid, 'reality' is a projection of what there is in the mind...
You can put your hand through the mirror into the other room. See how the corner folds, trying to show us the non solidity of reality, to crash our program. If we brake our matrix, our mental veils, our dream... what not we could do? Everything is possible... I would fly. 10/03 Espejo en AGS serie. L R

June 4, 2008

>Up or down or sideways / Arriba o abajo o de lado

Which side is up, and which side is down? What is this, from what view are you seeing it, what is its real position? Is northern hemisphere really in the north? Maybe it is in the south or east? Maybe the southern hemisphere countries are less developed because they are upside down and their ideas fall out of their head? But which side is up, what is real, what do we believe in? 10/03 Club Campestre AGS serie. L R , D E on the two below