July 4, 2009

Iron Fish / Peces de Hierro

This is the photo with which I recently won the National Photography Contest 2009 "Towards the Centennial of the Mexican Aviation". The title is "Metal Shark", and is from a serie I took of the P-47 Thunderbolt combat airplane of the II WW, which the mexican squadron 201 flew to fight against the Japaneese in the Filipines, towards the end of the war. It remains altive, on a pedestal in Santa Lucia AFB, Mexico. I went there to take pictures of it for an article that didn't come out. After the P-51 Mustang, it is probably the best american combat aircraft of the war.

A few others from the serie. The last one is titled "To the ground!", as if the plane is just flying over you. 10/08, P-47 serie H R

May 3, 2009

Dream Labirinth/ Sueño Laberinto

During the Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Poesía 2008 http://floricanto.blogspot.com/, at La casa del Poeta (the poet's house), we had a guided visit of the house of Ramón López Velarde, a very important mexican poet, and we went through a kind of labirinth with a multitude of objects which are a metaphor of his life. It looks like a dream. I took some photographs that evoque such labirinth-dream. Thinking on heightening that perception I choose a photo and did some digital effects. The result was around 80 different images, all comming from the same. To the last one, I added verses from the poets that can be seen in the picture. Clockwise starting from the left: María Paz Moreno (Spain), Rei Berroa (Dominican Republic), Antonio Barbagallo (Italy-Spain), César Rodríguez Diez (Mexico), & Obediah Smith (Bahamas) http://www.periodicodepoesia.unam.mx/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=966&Itemid=80. 10/08 EHP, Sueño-Laberinto serie H R, D E

The Poet afraid to loose his blackness/ El Poeta con miedo de perder su negrura

Long time no publish. I was busy. Unemployed now.

This photos feature Obediah Smith, a poet friend from Bahamas whom I met last year at an international poetry festival http://floricanto.blogspot.com/. He is such a character. Everybody liked him. In the pictures where he holds the coffee, it looks like he is drinking many cups, as if afraid to loose his blackness...! The other pictures are related to the poem , and they tell a story. 10/08 EHP series. H R


Obediah and I we have the same skin.

He has gone,

and I remain with a knot in the heart,

tears in the eyes.

His huge monkey smile.

His black women from the Hilton,

one on each hand,

writing, anywhere,


on his notebook, with no order,

from right to left, up down,

in the restroom, on the hand paper.

I don´t want him to leave,

and is already gone.

I miss him competing with me for Maria,

writing her verses, driving her nuts,

writing to everything,

while he listens to others reading,

saying poetry,

not understanding: feeling,

writes and writes, inexhaustible,

poet all day and night,

everything inspires him,

me, me inspired by him.

>It’s that there’s a very thin skin between myself

and life<, he told me.

The last on everything,

enjoys each moment, wrapped on the present.

I never met someone who was more out of

this world than myself,

exchanging books with everyone, and,

even though he doesn’t speak Spanish,

reading them,

writing the hour, minutes and seconds when

he finishes a poem.

I miss Obediah,

I miss my poets with the heart on their skin!

P.R. 10/08