March 19, 2010

The multiplication of Pakal/ La multiplicación de Pakal

These are pictures from prehispanic mexican keychains Pakal II (K'inich J'anaab Pakal) was an important Mayan king from the city of Palenque, Chiapas. He is the most renowned of the lords of Palenque, for the levels of splendor and sophistication B’aakal reached during his reign, as well as for his tomb (where this figure was found), discovered on the bottom of the Temple of the Inscriptions, in a secret crypt which remained intact for over twelve centuries, considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries of Mesoamerica. The piece shows classic features of the Mayan nobility, culture that reached the highest levels in art, science and civilization of the prehispanic world. The Mayas deformed their skulls and elongated their nose line as can be seen in the reproduction.

The other picture featuresTeotihuacan human masks.

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